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XBRL and XML reporting for the CBI

This year, Irish fund service providers currently filing PRISM or FINREP will need to report in an XBRL or XML format.

The way firms report to the CBI is changing. In line with an increasing trend towards digital filings, certain returns will need to be reported in XBRL or XML format; computer readable languages which makes data faster to analyse.

Firms using web forms for FINREP and/or filing PRISM will be the first affected, and will need to convert their Excel templates into XBRL format and submit to the ONR.
At ARKK, we’ve supported 100’s of MiFID and fund service providers with their XBRL conversions via our secure, online platform since 2013. We are in regular contact with the CBI and will be supporting these filing requirements as soon as the timeline and taxonomies are confirmed.

In the meantime, if you’d like to find out more about updates from the CBI and how we can support your requirements, fill in the form today.

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Whatever your requirements, simplify your reporting with ARKK

Total security

Total security

Our online portal is ISO-27001 certified and hosted on an HTTP Secure network, giving you control over your data.

Full service

The full service

We support a range of reporting requirements including COREP, FINREP in XBRL and AIFMD in XML.

Excel based solution

Excel-based solution

Use the software you're familiar with. Download the latest reporting template and link to existing data sources, just like any other spreadsheet.

Save time

Save your time

With ARKK's roll-forward function, you can populate static data between filing periods, which means less data points to populate, and more time on your side.

Instant updates

Instant updates

The latest templates and taxonomies are deployed quickly online to our reporting platform, which means no costly on-site deployment.