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See Schibsted's success with ARKK


Schibsted Publishing House was established in 1839, and is a family of digital brands with a mission to empower people in their daily lives. They do this by providing leading online marketplaces, building world-class media houses, and helping great companies scale. Their leading marketplaces in the Nordics connects millions of buyers and sellers every month.


"Schibsted has had a very positive experience with Bolt and ARKK. The expectations of the vendor and client were clear from the beginning of the project and the process required limited resources from the client.  

Bolt has been a pro-active and trusted adviser, giving us valuable suggestions and assisted us throughout the project.  

ARKK played an independent and accommodative role through tagging the primary financial statements, participating in meetings with our auditors and were available for short turn-arounds. They delivered the reports at the agreed timelines. 

We are pleased with the deliveries and look forward to working with Bolt and ARKK again in the future."

Nicole Yi Koon Chng, 
Group Accounting Department 


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