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International Women's Day

Keep up to date with the developments for ARKK's International Women's Day preparations in 2024.

ARKK proudly presents The W. Network

Initially inspired by the International Women's Day (IWD) Events hosted annually by ARKK, The W. Network has become a forum for mutual upliftment and support in both professional and personal spheres.
In The W. Network, the importance of connection and growth is understood. This is a space where ideas flourish, careers advance, and friendships are formed. Our events, including the celebrated IWD gatherings, are a testament to the dynamic spirit of this community.

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International Women's Day

Every year, ARKK bring together some of the most inspiring and prominent equality champions in the industry to talk BIG and current ideas that challenge women of today. Exchanging insights and best practices surrounding the years chosen IWD theme; the energy in the room is truly stimulating and motivational.


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