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Danielle Cyrus

Chief Customer Officer

Great Customer Service - You can’t beat it. And whilst incredibly impactful when you get it right, we have all had experience of how it can go oh so horribly wrong! That’s where I come in, and why I was responsible for creating a team at ARKK solely dedicated to the success of our Customers.

Having worked in the business for over 10 years, and understanding how unbelievably valuable it is to ensure the voice and needs of the customer is represented in all we do, I am responsible for managing our award-winning Customer Success, Product Support and Implementations teams. Both within our teams, and throughout the wider business, we strive to ensure that our Customers are at the heart of everything – It's not just something we say, it’s something we do. We work with our Customers to ensure they are deriving real value from our platforms, helping them to achieve their desired outcomes and making sure they actually enjoy using our tech whilst they do so.

I wasn’t always in software though. I spent my early years doing my undergraduate degree in Law, and my master's in Environmental Law and Policy.

I’m also a qualified personal trainer with a mad passion for fitness and nutrition, which I balance well with being an enthusiastic foodie, travel fanatic and adventure seeker.

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