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Jenny Himsley

Chief Executive Officer

I am a mum of two with huge ambitions and a burning desire to succeed. I want to look back and be proud of the company we have built for our customers, employees and investors. 

My ARKK story started in 2010 when I was one of ARKKs first customers, after staying in touch with the founders I joined the business as a part time CFO in 2016 moving to a full-time position in 2019. At this time, we received venture capital backing allowing us to develop and market our award-winning automation Platform. In 2022 I was appointed CEO which was an unforgettable moment in my career. 

A lot has changed since I started but my ambition hasn’t. As we grow and flourish to meet our vision of being a £15m+ turnover firm by 2025 with an astounding culture, I am proud to be at the helm steering the ship from one success to another. 

So why did I decide to work for ARKK? After spending the early part of my career with KPMG qualifying as an accountant, I decided I wanted to experience a faster moving pace of business and moved into the financial services industry. I loved the pace of change; however, the business was not compatible with young children. After a few years of consultancy at ARKK I could see the amazing growth opportunity, I jumped at the chance of being part of that journey. 

When I am not with my ARKK family I spend my time driving children to swimming gala’s and horse riding events. When I get some time for myself I like to go on ski trips, sail and horse ride. I have been seen sailing across the Atlantic, I lived to tell the tale, just!

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