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Roi Lustik

Chief Product & Technology Officer

They say time fly’s when you are having fun, and I couldn’t agree more as it’s hard to believe that my journey with ARKK started 15 years ago, when myself and Richard one of the other ARKK co-founders, sat in a room and came up with the original version of what you know today as ARKK. 
It’s not just time that fly’s in my life, it’s also me!  I have my private pilot’s license, so not only do I have a passion for all things technical on the ground but also up in the air and try and fly as often as I can.  
So why ARKK?   
After serving in the Israeli army, I worked as a technical architect within asset management and insurance which gave me my tools of the trade and allowed me to successfully build the solutions you see today. 
With over 20 years' industry experience across Europe I’m fascinated by how systems requirements and the people who use them interplay, so it’s no surprise that I built ARKK to harness the power of technology to bring the greatest benefits to our customers in a unique and powerful way.   
My work at ARKK allows me to be able to place more tech in people’s hands and make their lives better. We always strive to find something that is useful, with our customer first approach to technology build. 
No two days look the same for me.  I wear many hats, from directing high level strategy to driving innovation across our Automation Platform, or working through details with designers and getting stuck into the code of a technical feature.  The one thing I love most about my role at ARKK is the wide scope, it certainly keeps life interesting, and busy!  
If all this wasn’t enough I fill what free time I have left, spending time with my family and squeezing in as much self-learning as possible, and I really hope to do both these thing whilst visiting Japan soon as this is the next country on my bucket list! 

ARKK Leadership - Roi Lustik-Cohen