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Coming soon: Operational Transfer Pricing is about to get easier

Improve accuracy, reduce risk and increase transparency from codifying your transfer pricing policy into an automated OTP process to get tax right, in time, every time.

ARKK's award winning financial automation platform for:sight® is expanding. We're launching a new way to manage your OTP process, aligning your data with policy, increasing transparency and improving your visibility on every transaction.

Ahead of our 2022 launch, we're inviting firms to give feedback during our pre-release phase where you can help shape the future of operational transfer pricing. You'll work directly with our Product team to share your views on the platform, and be the first to experience a fully automated approach to transfer pricing.

Register your interest today and the ARKK team will be in touch.

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How for:sight automates your TP policy:

How OTP works within forsight


Improved visibility

Confidence and control

Generate confidence in investors and tax authorities by getting your numbers right and done on time - all in compliance with control requirements. In turn your forecasting improves enabling better decision making.

Maintain compliance

Maintain compliance

Legacy processes means it's impossible to be confident that your ways of working are compliant with transfer pricing policy. Having policy encoded in the system, processes automated, and an audit trail of activity means compliance is assured.

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Timely insight

Having automated your OTP processes means you can frequently monitor your position reducing the risk of period end issues. The insights enable timely optimization of policy reducing the effective tax rate for the enterprise.

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Reduce admin burden

Hours spent moving data between systems and checking XL outputs are eliminated. Comprehensive audit tracking and assurance of policy compliance reduces the amount spent with your auditors.