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Introducing ARKK's Automation Platform for VAT & TRANSFER PRICING

Leverage technology to eliminate tedious, repetitive tasks. Our platform allows your team to automate manual and error-prone processes to achieve greater efficiency, accuracy and insights.

Tolley's Taxation Awards 2019

ARKK's Automation Platform is fully customisable, able to cater for any tax or finance process. Here are some of the example use-cases you can benefit from.

VAT Automation (MTD)

Aggregate data from multiple sources, ensure data quality, calculate your VAT obligations and submit returns to the HMRC.

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Operational Transfer Pricing

Wrangling ERP data to calculate TP charges or intragroup pricing? Use the platform with any data source, apply your version of any TP method and visualize the impact.

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Instead of a precarious spreadsheet to calculate your PAYE Settlement Agreement (PSA) use managed employee data to process expenses. Feed salary data through and make sure never to miss a calculation.

The numbers behind ARKK

85% Customer satisfaction score
890 Customers and counting
100% Of customers saw up to a 70% time reduction

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