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ARKK Solutions Report: why tax departments need to embrace digital era

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Why tax departments need to embrace the digital era

1 in 4 businesses don’t believe their taxes are ‘very accurate’report

There’s a change happening. Tax departments across the UK which have previously relied on incredibly manual and time-consuming processes are having to adjust to a new mandate by HMRC. Making Tax Digital is the biggest shake-up in tax for a decade and we wanted to get a sense of the landscape and how this change is affecting the tax function.

ARKK  Solutions commissioned Attest to survey over 400 tax professionals to get their feedback on their current processes and what impact tax transformation is having within their organisation. The results were striking.

Download our report today to see the results of the survey and discover:

Why the tax departments’ current processes are broken and need to be fixed

The amount of time currently being lost due to archaic systems and procedures

How inaccurate the figures are that large companies are submitting to HMRC