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Tax Automation Platform


Making Tax Digital is the largest shake-up the Indirect Tax industry has seen in over a decade.

It’s time to face the future of financial reporting head-on. In an increasingly digital world, it’s critical to have the right software and ongoing support to ensure your financial data is accessible, accurate and future proof. ARKK’s platform, supported by a team of tech and industry experts is helping customers automate complex manual processes, drive efficiency and harness the power of their financial data with absolute certainty.

1st April 2021 marked the end of the soft launch period for Making Tax Digital, all relevant organisations must now file their VAT returns with a clear digital audit trail. Many businesses will have already implemented some form of MTD solution fulfilling the digital link requirement, however, there are numerous benefits that can be gained from a more robust solution that goes beyond compliance.

Eliminate tedious, repetitive tasks and replace them with intelligent AI technology. ARKK's Automation Platform allows your team to automate manual and error-prone processes to achieve greater efficiency, accuracy and insights, while being fully MTD phase 2 compliant.

Here is some advice from ARKK's experts including Alun Baker, Chairman at ARKK; Russell Gammon, ARKK's product director; Danielle Cyrus, Sales Director at ARKK; and Richard Metcalfe, CEO at ARKK.