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Thought leaders at home - Automation and motivation

ARKK is here to support your business needs by making your everyday processes easier. As we continuously move into a forever growing digitalised world, the benefits of utilising automation solutions becomes stronger as time goes on.

This week, we speak to Global Head of Tax Jayesh Rajyaguru from Wilmington plc about making best us out of company time.

So what happens after automation? Jayesh talks about how leveraging technology can remove the burden of manually processing data, and can motivate a team by focusing on the bigger projects facing the company. 

By utilising the automated data outputs to its widest capacity, teams are able to spend less time on manual repetitive tasks that offer little personal development growth, and spend more time utilising the information in scope to achieve wider business goals. This includes; better overall forecasting; highlighting key business trends; and unearthing gaps between sections of the business where more profit is being made and transferring these practices to parts of the business where more attention is needed.