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What can Fix & Verify do for your business?

fix and verify

Our for:sight platform offers a robust solution for tax teams, but its machine learning capability Fix & Verify takes its functionality to the next level.

Fix & Verify can not only save your tax teams time but also help to avoid errors by scanning 100% of your transactional data for anomalies such as incorrect VAT codes and manual keying errors. 

This is crucially important in an era where tax administrations are pushing towards insight, accuracy and transparency.

The results speak for themselves

During our testing phase, we analysed a small data set from a UK branch bank. Fix & Verify immediately spotted an inaccurate transaction of roughly £4,500 of unclaimed VAT - with a further £30,000 flagged for investigation for the tax team.

We believe your tax department could benefit from Fix & Verify within for:sight. Want us to look at your data and prove it?