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ARKK helps companies simplify the complex world of financial data. By replacing outdated tools with smart technology, finance teams are empowered to unify, process and gain insights from their data more quickly and accurately than ever before.

Innovation brought us to where we are today, and while we’re staying ahead, so are our clients - not only keeping up with trends but setting them. When you partner with ARKK, you can be sure our solutions will deliver efficiency, accuracy and complete confidence.

But it’s not just about the products you’re buying, it’s about the ethos you’re buying into. We believe in unity both within our organisation and in the bonds we make with our clients. When you choose ARKK, it’s about winning together.


Adding transformation


There’s never a right time to change a company’s systems, but we will work with each of our clients on a bespoke plan of action to find the time that’s best for their business.

Changing the mindset


Pioneering new, easier and more efficient options for our clients to manage reporting, not just for compliance reasons, but to drive improvements across the finance function.

Harnessing technology


Achieving near real-time accurate reporting through an easy-to-use platform that removes the restrictions of systems that have been available to date.


Celebrate winning together

Our customers know that winning together is the ethos that underpins working with ARKK, so one thing we always do is make time for celebrating success. That means frequent feedback sessions, free seminars and our famous parties that give us the opportunity to celebrate, connect and deepen our relationships beyond the work we do together.

And for our teams, whether it’s releasing a new product, winning an award or reaching our business goals for the quarter, we know it’s important to share success stories across all departments.

Celebrate Winning Together

Be authentic

We're proud of who we are, where we've come from and where we're going. 

Our customers know they can trust our transparent approach because we make them part of our conversation. Every member of the ARKK team learns and shares our company story, openly sharing feedback about our projects and realistic timelines for product launches.

Be Authentic

We're responsive

Responsiveness at ARKK is not just about having the latest software and regulation requirements, it's about every way we can work with our customers to simplify and improve what they do.

Rapid responses to our customers are important. We infamously have a ‘three rings’ policy to make sure phone calls are always answered straight away!

We're Responsive

Show self-awareness

Being aware of ourselves, our place in the industry and our customers' needs matters to us.

Our teams are empowered to educate themselves on all areas of our industry so we can perform to our best and we have frequent whiteboard sessions to share that knowledge across the business.

We pride ourselves on understanding and empathising with our customers' challenges so we can always stay one step ahead when it comes to delivering the best experience possible

Show Self-Awareness

Have a positive mindset

We ask our teams to show the best of themselves every day, but we also support them in having a go at something, even when it might seem difficult or out of reach.

Our employees believe in helping each other succeed through good times and bad, which keeps us all moving forward and winning together.

Have a positive mindset



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