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ARKK provides the OTP alternative by improving accuracy, reducing risk and increasing transparency. Codifying your transfer pricing policy into an automated OTP process gets transfer pricing right, in time, every time.


Many Transfer Pricing experts ‘make-do’ with manual, error-prone spreadsheets, thinking that automating their process will be a costly and time consuming project; with ARKK’s OTP solution, there's a better way.

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Future-proof your Operational Transfer Pricing processes

Businesses are not static, and an automated, consistent method for OTP enables new policies to be included and changes to the shape and structure of your business to be brought in without reengineering the entire process.

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Minimise risk of unplanned audit & cost of your defence.

Legacy processes and unmaintainable Excel templates means it is impossible to be confident that your ways of working are compliant with your transfer pricing policy. Having policy encoded in the system, processes automated, and an audit trail of activity means it is much easier to be compliant – and to be seen to be compliant.

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Know your position in time to do something about it.

Automating your OTP processes means you can frequently monitor your position reducing the risk of period end issues (late filing or avoidable adjustments). The insights enable timely optimisation of policy, driving better business decisions.

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Reduce waste and unneeded manual activity to grow margin.

The time – often many hours - spent moving data between systems and checking excel outputs is eliminated. The comprehensive audit tracking and increased level of assurance reduces the amount spent with your auditors. This creates many man-days of capacity which can add value throughout the business.


Your OTP methodology, enhanced

Fully compatible with any OTP methodology, ARKK's platform is entirely configurable to your calculations, look ups and data feeds.

Automate your workflow

Configure your OTP process and automate for accurate, fast results. Easily adjust parameter settings within the platform without customisation fees.

Collaborate with confidence

Gain visibility over every data modification via the audit report, complete with annotations explaining the change.

Total transparency

Understand your OTP from source to posting with complete transparency over all calculations made from the original source data.

Cloud-based and ISO-27001 certified

Cloud-based technology makes implementation and remote working simple, with no burden on your IT-team. Built from the ground up with security at its core, ARKK's platform adheres to industry-leading security standards and requires SSO authentication.

Actionable reporting insights

Get actionable insights from PowerBI without a complex build from your data analysts. Report designer makes PowerBI visuals easy to create, amend and action.

Seamlessly plug in your data

ARKK's platform takes data “as is” removing the need to change the format or use a template. The platform can also manage data from multiple systems reducing data compatibility issues, and can be exported into your data warehouse for additional reporting requirements.

Identify inconsistencies in seconds, not days

Our platform's capabilities checks every line of data, flagging duplicates or gaps for you to adjust as necessary.

Align policy today and forecast for the future

Get the most out of your current TP policy and identify optimisation options with total understanding of business-wide impact and built-in profit monitoring. Use forecast data to look ahead. Predict upcoming adjustments and test scenarios, ensuring accurate tax provisioning.



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