The Arkk Story

Arkk was founded in the chaotic financial regulation landscape of 2009. Governments and regulatory bodies announced a range of new initiatives and directives aimed at increasing transparency and reducing risk. While essential for businesses to be compliant, and ultimately successful, it meant that finance and tax professionals were struggling to keep up.

In the ten years since the financial crisis, business has evolved more quickly than the CFO’s ability to account and report on it.

Arkk’s heritage is in developing the technology solutions to meet a range of regulatory requirements but we believe a wider transformation is needed. Antiquated systems and manual processes are still prevalent, even though the stakes have never been higher.

It is not just the potential of fines for non-compliance that concern businesses, but also the reputational damage that can be caused and the uncertainty from not knowing one’s business position.

To serve our customers ever expanding control needs, Arkk developed for:sight, a configurable SaaS platform that allows businesses to move away from error-prone disparate documents to seamlessly automate compliance and reporting process from capturing data to submitting statutory filings.

Our team of more than 100 employees, operating from our central London Headquarters is continuously developing the platform to meet the challenges faced by our customers.

Innovation in the finance department is not doing what you did yesterday. Arkk enables CFO’s to simplify the complex and reimagine finance’s challenges.

Meet the Team


Alun Baker - Chairman

As Arkk’s Chairman Alun brings over 25 years of Technology Leadership to support Arkk’s Executive team and guide the Company’s strategy and execution. A natural mentor and coach Alun has an outstanding track record of helping to drive rapid growth and successful exits as both an Exec and Non Exec Director. Alun thrives on Arkk’s dynamic fast paced entrepreneurial environment and passionate teams. Alun has built his career around running Regions and EMEA for mainly US software companies including Oracle Corporation, TIBCO Software, Viewpoint Software and Merrill Corporation as well as holding Chairman roles at Company I, Citihub and BioSite Systems.

Richard Metcalfe – CEO and Founder

As Arkk’s founder, Richard leads the strategy for Arkk’s continued success, driving the company forward to the next ambitious phase of growth. Passionate about the culture of the workplace, he is a firm believer in getting the right people in the right roles to build on Arkk’s success. Richard is also the President of the Entrepreneurs' Organization, and partners with various charities to develop the next generation of business leaders.

Richard lives and breathes Arkk’s core values, and his positivity and authenticity is contagious. A true believer that the best is yet to come for Arkk Solutions, Richard is totally committed to further evolving the business. He hopes to switch his reading list from business books to novels (or at least strike up a better balance) and is an avid supporter of England’s fine cricket team.

Bob Henry - Investment Non Exec Director

Bob joined Mobeus in 1998 and was one of the Partners who set up Mobeus when they completed a management buyout from the Matrix Group in 2012. Bob is focused on new deal generation but also looks after a number of portfolio companies.

Kendra Stewart - Administration Manager & EA to the CEO

With a company that values culture as much as Arkk, Kendra’s role is vital in ensuring that we all have a positive working experience. Armed with her expert organisational skills and a Level 5 CIPD Certificate in Human Resources Management, Kendra empowers Arkk employees to bring positivity and openness into everything we do. Kendra relishes working in an environment where each individual has the opportunity to share their ideas, and genuinely looks forward to coming to work and getting stuck into the next challenge on a Monday morning.

Joining us from Canada, Kendra is an exceptionally keen traveller and has seen more of Europe than anyone else in the office! Asia is next on her list, but Kendra’s also a fan of exploring London on foot. She can often be found with her husband checking out the latest brunch venues, and working off her frequent dairy-free bakery visits with a boxing class.

Roi Lustik Cohen – Chief Technology Officer

With a background firmly in software architecture, Roi launched Arkk Solutions in 2009 injecting the technical expertise needed to launch our first iXBRL tax product for HMRC filers. Fast forward to the present, and Roi’s primary goal is to produce market-leading technology for the business and to create a robust development strategy, paving the way for continued success. Roi’s eyes are keenly seeking out ways in which Arkk can leverage new technologies, the end goal - to offer a superior client service, and oversees the entire development function at Arkk.

When he’s not solving technology challenges or working with clients on new product developments, Roi is kept busy by his lively young daughter. His holidays are spent skiing his way around the globe, which he compliments closer to home with a strict spinning routine.


Jenny Himsley - Chief Financial Officer

As CFO Jenny oversees her department at Arkk and ensures that we can continue developing high-quality products for our customers. As a chartered accountant (ICAEW) with a wealth of experience across highly established firms, Jenny’s drive and commitment to delivering results makes her an integral part of our Board. In the office, Jenny enjoys Arkk’s team-focused culture and working with intelligent, supportive people who appreciate each other’s hard work.

In addition to her first-class honours degree in management sciences, Jenny is one of the most active team members at Arkk with a passion for horse riding and can claim to have sailed across the Atlantic. When she’s not keeping up with her two young girls and her love for skiing, Jenny has set her sights on training to run a marathon by the end of the year.

Danielle Cyrus – Chief Customer Officer

Since joining Arkk in 2013, Danielle has successfully supported the launch of several new products and played an instrumental role in helping Arkk build its extensive portfolio of clients. Having this as her legacy, and a deep running passion for putting customers at the heart of everything we do, Danielle is responsible for our Customer Success team. This team are the living, breathing embodiment of our core values and ensure that at each step of the journey with Arkk, our clients are experiencing best in breed service and delivery.

Danielle’s positivity and enthusiasm are contagious both inside and out of the office. She’s always on the hunt for the next challenge and has a bucket list of around 50 experiences to push her outside of her comfort zone. Her complimentary passions of food and fitness mean that she’s the first to organise our fundraising activities and office lunches – in line with her South African heritage, this often means a mountain of meat is on the menu!

Laura Kelly - Senior HR Business Partner

Jaime Nogueroles - Software Development Manager

As the head of Software, Jaime’s role is to co-ordinate the developers and QA team, helping the product owners translate customer’s requirements into product. Playing a vital part of Arkk’s product creation, Jaime enjoys our office culture and the fact that we’re always driven to take on the next challenge. Instrumental in launching our COREP solution in 2014, Jaime thrived on seeing everyone at Arkk work together to develop, test, and launch our first XBRL solution.

Football and food form a strong part of Jaime’s life. When he’s not at Arkk, you’ll likely find him in Santiago Bernabeu, celebrating a Real Madrid victory with friends and family. In the future, Jaime’s goal is to plan a big trip to Asia and sample their excellent cuisine.

Clive Kenny - Finance Manager

Heading up the Finance team, Clive is dedicated to streamlining our processes and overseeing management reporting. He’s our office expert on the finance function, and joins us having been an Arkk client in a previous life! With his ACA qualification and passion for our Core Values, Clive enjoys the ambitious nature of working at Arkk, and brings this to the front of everything he does.

When time allows, Clive’s a keen cook, although with a busy sporting schedule (both playing in his five-a-side football team and cheering on Ireland in the rugby), he’ll also be found trying as many restaurants in London as possible. Clive’s an avid traveller having explored much of South America and Asia, and next he’s headed to Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.


Daphne Ash - Marketing Manager

The first to spot the latest marketing trends and develop our branding strategy, Daphne oversees the marketing department and helps to spread the word about Arkk Solutions. Working in an environment which empowers both personal and professional development drives Daphne towards achieving success. She thrives on being part of an organisation where people genuinely want to see results, not just for their own goals but to celebrate as a team.

Daphne loves living in London, and spends most of her time at checking out museum exhibitions or at various musical halls, taking in everything from Haydn to Hans Zimmer. She also spends most of her Sunday’s watching the MotoGP with family, and hopes to visit a few more circuits in person next year.

Mary Tinnelly - iXBRL Tagging Team Manager

Mary’s team is the backbone of Arkk’s iXBRL tagging operation, working with clients across the entire filing process. Providing her team with expertise and our clients with an outstanding level of service, Mary’s goal is to meet, and of course exceed, expectations for HMRC and Revenue returns. Highly passionate about motivating and leading her close-knit team, Mary’s pride in the iXBRL tagging department’s success and development is evident in everything she does.

Mary’s interest in travelling takes her around the world and she’s always looking for the next hot-spot to tick off her list. Closer to home she’s a keen fan of socialising with family and friends in Belfast and is a fitness enthusiast - her next challenge is to take on the Dublin Half-Marathon.


We’re a fast-growing team of ambitious, passionate professionals at Arkk Solutions. As the team and the birthday cake budget continues to grow, our culture remains at the heart of day-to-day life at Arkk.

At Arkk Solutions, we firmly believe that our diversity helps us strengthen our team. We have team members from all corners of the globe who’ve chosen to make their career at Arkk Solutions, and our three founders are passionate about empowering everyone to thrive in their role. From a small shared office in Shoreditch, we’ve grown to a 50-strong team across London, Belfast, Dublin and New York.

Arkk is (generally) an active team, with many of us taking part in charity runs and lunchtime personal training. For those less inclined towards cardio, we have frequent team events and nights out and will take any excuse to host a bake sale. For most of us, being part of a fast-growing team where culture is a genuine part of our every-day lives is one of the highlights of working at Arkk.

Our Core Values


The sharp rise in regulatory reporting can be attributed to one simple concept; making financial information more transparent. In line with this, authenticity is the cornerstone of Arkk’s values. Our genuine relationships with clients and partners is what makes Arkk Solutions unique. We believe openness and honesty is vital for success, which is why we’re in frequent communication with our clients about the latest deadlines and product launches. We also believe that Account Management should go further than a renewal call, which is why we host regular feedback sessions, free seminars, and of course our famous summer and Christmas client parties.


The world of regulatory reporting is incredibly fast moving, with new requirements and mandates always appearing. But being responsive isn’t just about making sure we have the latest version of the regulator’s requirements available. It means working with our clients on a daily basis, finding out new ways to make their lives simpler. We like to move quickly and take on new challenges as a team. Our support extends beyond our Customer Success Team to every person in the business – we infamously have a ‘three rings’ policy to make sure all phone calls are always answered straight away!


We’re in constant contact with our clients and regulators across Europe to understand how to support them as best as we can. Our team are empowered to educate themselves on all areas of the industry, and we have frequent whiteboard sessions to share our knowledge across the business. Being aware of our environment and the needs of our clients helps us stay one-step ahead and deliver the best experience possible.

Winning Together

Experiencing year-on-year growth in a fast-paced industry means that we don’t sit still at Arkk! One thing we always make time for is to celebrate our success and encourage teams to work together to deliver results. Whether it's releasing a new product, winning an award or reaching our business goals for the quarter, we know it’s important to share success stories across all departments. It’s this approach that makes Arkk a truly collaborative place to work. We also celebrate our clients’ success with frequent free seminars and parties to make sure we know how our work is helping them succeed.


At Arkk, we genuinely believe a positive attitude can make all the difference. When tackling a new challenge, you can be assured that you have a team of people around you who want to find the best solution. Our offices are open plan, and we’re all enthusiastic about helping each other reach our goals. We believe that making a place where people want to come to the office and look forward to working collaboratively is at the heart of our success, which helps us provide our clients with a positive and trustworthy partner.

Join Us

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