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Clean Technology & Earthly People

When you partner with ARKK, you not only change the way you do Finance, but you change the world.


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB)​

Here at ARKK, we appreciate the unique qualities each of our team members bring to making us a stronger, well-rounded company. Which is why we are devoted to our equitable and unbiased employment practices that brings together a fusion of diverse backgrounds. 

Our DICE (Diversity, Inclusion, Cohesion and Equality) committee have a packed calendar of events both inside and outside of ARKK including speakers for Black History Month, campaigns for Mental Health Awareness Week and frequently presentations on celebrating different religious holidays. 

ARKK's 2023 Christmas Toy Donation

Instead of traditional customer gifts, ARKK has decided to spread joy where it's needed most in donating toys to the Salvation Army. Want to join ARKK in this cause? Visit the Salvation Army website below to make your donation and help ARKK to bring even more smiles this festive season.

ARKK Xmas Team Photo

International Women's Day

Every year, ARKK bring together some of the most inspiring and prominent equality champions in the industry to talk BIG and current ideas that challenge women of today. Exchanging insights and best practices surrounding the years chosen IWD theme; the energy in the room is truly stimulating and motivational.


ARKK is planting a forest, one file at a time.

ARKK is increasing the role it plays in positive climate action. We’re taking steps to not only prevent deforestation, but to re-forest parts of the world most in need of it. We’ll be enhancing the global atmosphere by planting an estimated 6,000 trees every year, one for every iXBRL or ESEF file we process.

Finance doesn’t need to run on paper, and ARKK’s technology has been key to digital transformation since 2008.

Paper accounts for around 26% of total waste at landfills, uses enormous amounts of energy and water in its production and contributes to deforestation across the globe.

Since its beginning, ARKK has been helping 900+ reduce their carbon footprint by making digital submissions possible across 19 jurisdictions.

In 14 years, we’ve processes more than 50,000 digital files, and we’ve always been proud of our paperless office and low carbon processes.