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Emperor partners with ARKK to help clients with ESEF reporting requirements

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See Emperor's success with ARKK


Emperor started out as a 2-man band in 1997, and has since expanded to become the leading UK corporate communication agency offering its services to clients all over the world from; France, Switzerland and Germany, to clients in Russia and the Middle East. Emperor offers services from financial to non-financial reporting, digital communications, employee engagement, ESG strategies and content creation.

The problem

Emperor needed a partner that was adaptable to their existing working-processes and didn’t disturb a routine that many clients had been used to for years. Also, given Emperor’s international client-base, when the new ESEF regulation arrived in France there was panic. In fact, “the whole pitching process was about the ESEF regulation and which agency could offer the best solution” (Valentin Ramousse, Head of International Business Development at Emperor). It was not only important to have an ESEF tagging solution, but given the client was French, Emperor needed an offering that was accommodating and adaptable to the French market.

The solution

Valentin Ramousse, Head of International Business Development at Emperor: “When the ESEF rule arrived it disturbed everyone’s process, and what was really useful with ARKK was that you didn’t disturb our process further.” Emperor really benefited from ARKK’s adaptability and fast communication directly with the client. To ensure Emperor’s clients were completely comfortable adjusting to the new reporting requirements, ARKK provided a French speaking consultant that was familiar with France’s specific ESEF regulation requirements. “Having a consultant like that is really reassuring – someone that knows all the rules and regulations in France and can speak French.” It was important that Emperor could entrust ARKK to directly communicate with their clients about their ESEF requirement, and know they are being looked after with the upmost care.


The latest reporting requirements for ESEF needed fast adaption to the new digital reporting process, and a level of confidence and expertise is required in dealing with clients who had to alter their existing processes and increase resources to accommodate the new regulation. Working across multiple jurisdictions, ARKK are here to offer expert knowledge and unburden those who would prefer to relieve themselves of the time consuming and niche requirements of the new ESEF reporting requirements.


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