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Eliminate tedious, repetitive tasks and replace them with intelligent AI technology. For:sight® allows your finance team to automate manual and error-prone processes to achieve greater efficiency, accuracy and insights while being fully MTD phase 2 compliant.

Tolley's Taxation Awards 2019


Finance teams are currently experiencing a variety of issues relating to their VAT submissions and compliance with the latest HMRC mandate.

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VAT return inaccuracies

61% of tax specialists believe their returns to be inaccurate. Errors can cause organisations to miss out on claiming VAT on all applicable transactions.

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Lack of visibility

Finance teams have limited visibility of the end-to-end process making it difficult to pinpoint errors. For:sight's ready to use dashboard provides transparency and a centralised data warehouse.

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Time inefficiencies

62% of tax specialists spend over 10 days a quarter preparing, checking and submitting their VAT return. For:sight eliminates vacuous manual tasks, which are demotivating and error-prone.

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Difficulties getting IT buy in

IT teams can struggle to support financial tech implementations due to time constraints. We take things off your plate by being responsive and proactive.

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Non-compliance with HMRC mandate

52% of finance specialists are ‘uncomfortable’ to some degree with HMRC's latest VAT mandate requirements. This means businesses are open to potential fines and reputational damage.


Seamlessly plug in your data

For:sight takes data “as is” removing the need to change the format or use a template. The platform can also manage data from multiple systems reducing data compatibility issues.

Automate any onerous manual processes

Eliminate time spent on merging various data sets, manual adjustments, partial exemptions and FX conversions. For:sight can help enrich your data and overlay business rules to ensure transactions are automatically counted in the correct boxes.

Removal of known and unknown errors

For:sight's AI-powered Consistency Checker conducts a line-by-line check on all transactions and flags any anomalies. Comparatively, Excel formulas will only catch errors known to the user.

Full compliance, control & visibility

For:sight allows unlimited users and role assignments, with a full audit trail of actions. One single view means better collaboration and easier knowledge transferability amongst team members avoiding knowledge loss.

Custom reporting

Fully flexible reporting to meet your requirements. In addition to standard consolidation and period-to-period comparisons, we can customise any other reports tailored to your industry or specific set-up.

Beyond VAT process optimisation

Carry out various functions for extended finance within for:sight. Get creative and make the most out of the platform by using it for numerous purposes such as reports, reconciliations and bulk journal uploads.

ISO-27001 certified

Forsight's 'security by design' development principle means the platform has been built from the ground up with security at its core. It adheres to industry-leading security standards which ensures all measures have been taken to fully protect your data.

User-friendly interface

An intuitive and streamlined user interface makes for:sight a pleasure to navigate and use. The platform's simple layout is easy to master but powerful enough to allow the creation and automation of complex financial processes.

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Future proof reporting

Future proof reporting

With end-to-end audit trails and the latest HMRC mandates built in, you’re always fully compliant.

Improved visibility

Improved visibility

One single view means better collaboration. Stakeholders can work together to achieve faster results.

Greater accuracy

Greater accuracy

Handles, automates and processes large data volumes without the risk of human error.

Increased efficiency

Increased efficiency

Seamlessly integrates with existing systems, speeds up processes and frees your team to focus on business critical activities.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Specifically designed to fulfil your urgent need: to get your VAT right first time, on time, every time.

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890 Customers and counting
100% Of customers saw up to a 70% time reduction

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