Capital+ Reporting

Get ready for Capital+, the latest requirement from the Bank of England

This year, the Bank of England will require current and forecast data in XBRL format. Unlike COREP, firms need to report predictively on data from the next eight quarters to the next three years. Starting this December, banks, building societies and certain investment firms will submit reporting on their balance sheets and P&L.

With new requirements, it’s best to get the experts involved straight away. Our team are in frequent contact with the BoE to learn the latest requirements and update any changes to the taxonomy.

Arkk Solutions’ tool will also provide extensive validation checks not offered by the Bank of England. You can check your submission against the latest taxonomies to ensure that you meet the first filing deadline with confidence.

We support numerous CRD IV requirements including COREP, FINREP and the HER. Adding Capital+ to our reporting suite will help you drive regulatory compliance.

Have confidence in your returns with validation support

Checking validation errors prior to submission makes your filing process simple. Reduce the chance of resubmission, save your teams’ time, and upload accurately to the regulator. Arkk’s validation rules are displayed as you populate your template, and a final check is carried out after .XBRL conversion.

Take full control of your data

After 8 years in the regulatory reporting space, we know that every client is different. We give you total control over your data to create a process that suits you. Assign user permissions, approve final templates and view a history report of changes to your document.

Experience ISMS security

Security is top priority at Arkk Solutions. We are ISO-27001 certified, and our secure Portal is trusted by some of the biggest banks and insurance firms in the world. Your data remains secure at all times, and our IT experts are ready to meet your internal requirements.

Speak to our industry experts

You can speak to our in-house product specialists about your reporting requirements. Our team are in touch with the regulators, receiving updates from the Bank of England and the PRA. For new regulations especially, it’s vital to have a team on hand to discuss the latest requirements.

Get prepared for the first filing deadline December 31st with the Arkk Solutions team.



  • Supporting the PRA101, 102 and 103 requirements
  • Fast XBRL conversion
  • Built-in validation rules
  • Full version history report
  • Simple & secure web conversion
  • Microsoft Excel templates
  • Expert support from London HQ

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