Transforming tax compliance –

the Arkk way.

for:sight can revolutionise your tax compliance process by doing much of the heavy lifting for you.

Because it’s completely system agnostic, it can handle data formatted from all major ERP vendors.

It works on a relatively simple concept. First, we document your existing processes, then we build them out in the for:sight platform – you simply run your data through it when you need to.

The result? Improved visibility, accuracy and efficiency – delivering peace of mind and confidence in every submission.

Fix & Verify – Machine learning at your fingertips

Reviewing every line of VAT data is time-intensive for tax departments. Manual adjustments are prone to human error. What if there was an easy way to do it? There is.

Fix & Verify, for:sight’s machine learning functionality, rapidly analyses each line of your data and flags anomalies for your tax team to investigate. Over time, the more a user verifies the highlight anomalies the more accurate Fix & Verify will become.

Let us show you the power of machine learning and discover how it can benefit your tax team.



Getting your VAT right

first time, every time.

Any tax figures you submit are only as good as the data that feeds them, which is a problem when you’re verifying large volumes of data.

You could employ a large team of people to check your VAT entries manually. But this is laborious and still prone to error, not to mention expensive.

Alternatively, you could use Fix & Verify – part of the for:sight platform – to check every line of your data and simply flag up unusual entries for further investigation.

Discover how for:sight can make your life easier

Why tax professionals
love for:sight…


Once we’ve mapped your processes to the platform, you just upload your ERP data each period. That’s it.

Process Safeguarding

Spreadsheets can corrupt, and manual adjustments are prone to error. for:sight learns the process you go through and makes it available for all stakeholders to review.


By automating your VAT process, you save time on manual data manipulation resulting in greater consistency.

Error Reduction

Machine learning automatically reviews your submission data so any line entries that appear inconsistent are flagged for your attention.

Digital Linking

for:sight makes sure all data changes have a clear audit trail, ensuring compliance for Phase 2 of Making Tax Digital.

User Interface

Intuitive navigation – easy to learn, quick to master.

Future Proofing

Any future HMRC mandate changes can be easily addressed.

Award winning performance

for:sight hasn’t just delighted our customers – it’s impressed the people at Tolley’s Taxation too.

They’ve awarded it “Best Digital Innovation Award 2019”.


Tolley's Taxation Awards Arkk Solutions

850+ clients
across 20 countries

While MTD has served as an impetus for change, many tax and finance teams are now looking at how digital tools can improve their processes overall. The University of Edinburgh team chose Arkk Solutions to help them with this.

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Why Arkk?

So now you know the substantial benefits for:sight can bring. But why choose Arkk?

  • Recognised by HMRC

    Domain expertise – technology specialists in tax, regulatory and statutory matters

  • World class client support

    Client support excellence with over 90% customer satisfaction across the Arkk portfolio

  • 850+ clients across 20 countries

    10 year track record, trusted by more than 850 customers

  • ISO 27001 certified

    ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant