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ARKK - Corporatings Partnership


A partnership and a common project for both companies: to transform the ESEF regulatory obligation into a financial communication opportunity for all players in the UK and across the EU. 

ARKK, UK leader of financial reporting and automation for over 10 years, and Corporatings, European leader of providing XBRL financial data, build a partnership.  

For ARKK and Corporatings, it's a question of putting the best of their two areas of expertise - financial reporting and data analysis - at the service of better communication.   

For over a decade, ARKK has helped automate processes of the finance function. By replacing outdated tools with smart technology, finance teams are empowered to unify, process and gain insights from their data more quickly and accurately than ever before. Innovation brought them to where they are today, and while they’re staying ahead, so are their clients - not only keeping up with trends but setting them. Their privileged relationship with listed companies, working with over 70% of the FTSE, gives them a unique insight into best practices, trends and, more generally, the challenges of financial and CSR communication. 

For its part, Corporatings places the providing of XBRL financial data at the heart of its value proposition, giving all financial professionals access to granular and reliable data via innovative tools powered by AI. By being the only player to work across the entire data value chain, from pre-publication control to financial analysis, Corporatings is building its position as European leader. Its daily exchanges with auditors, issuers and financial analysts enable it to understand the ins and outs of the data exploration and benchmark process that precedes investment. 

Our customers and partners are at the heart of everything we do, and this partnership will cement our commitment to ensuring they continue to receive a market leading solution. The two partners wish to encourage issuers to enrich their electronic financial communications, by providing easy access to published data and visibility on investor methods and expectations. More accurate and reliable information is essential in an economy where all players base their decisions and investments on its analysis. 

ARKK and Corporatings believe deeply in unity, sharing their values and expertise to support issuers in their mastery of digital financial information. In this way, the two firms are promoting innovation and transparency in financial communication, to support the development of a strong, sustainable economy. 

The first act of this partnership took the form of a webinar entitled "Do you know what your ESEF data is used for?", dedicated to all financial information professionals. It took place in September and you can now watch the replay.