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ARKK win Best Digital Innovation at the Tolley’s Tax Awards

Our tax transformation platform, for:sight won the highly coveted Best Digital Innovation award..

HMRC’s Making Tax Digital mandate seeks to make the UK the most digitally advanced tax jurisdiction, and we're chuffed to be named the Best Digital Innovation for companies seeking to transform their tax reporting while addressing the MTD mandate. Does this make us the Most Digital of the most digital? 

The Tolley’s Taxation Awards recognises marks of excellence within the tax sector. The event itself is "the biggest night of the year for the tax sector in the UK", and ARKK is thrilled to receive this much sought-after prize.  

Tolleys Tax Awards Arkk 2Danielle Cyrus (Chief Customer Officer) and Richard Metcalfe (CEO and Founder)
Tolley’s Taxation Awards 2019. Images Copyright

This award represents a 12-month journey of product design, development and customer collaboration to create a cutting-edge tax platform. The Tolley’s panel specifically noted ARKK’s innovative use of machine learning to simplify burdensome tax reporting processes, reduce the potential for non-compliance, and free up the finance function to focus on value-adding tasks. 

We’re working with enterprise tax and reporting teams to challenge the status quo – transforming manual, time-consuming routines into a sleek and totally digital process while ensuring all UK companies achieve compliance with the MTD mandate. 

“This ‘overnight-success’ has been 10 years in the making,” said CEO and Founder of ARKK, Richard Metcalfe. “Everything’s growing quickly at Arkk, and this award has really established our place in the tax market.” Richard added “I felt so much pride when our name was announced, taking the idea of for:sight from a concept discussed between some of my team and a several of our clients, to seeing it literally up in lights on the screen.”