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Key learnings from the first CESOP filing with ARKK


Key learnings from the first CESOP filing with ARKK


Now that the first CESOP filing deadline on 30th April has passed, we have had the opportunity to work closely with numerous PSPs to navigate the new requirements. Through this experience, we have identified several key issues that arose during the process. Here, we share the main challenges faced and how the ARKK Automation Platform provided effective solutions to address and overcome these hurdles, ensuring smooth and compliant CESOP filings.


1. Managing Large Volumes of Data 

Pain Point: CESOP reporting requires handling millions of transactions, managing vast amounts of data from multiple sources and in various formats, and ensuring data accuracy and consistency. Additionally, detailed data reporting mandates some elements to be mandatory, optional, or conditional based on the scenario. 

Our Solution: The ARKK Automation Platform is designed to handle large volumes of data, streamlining multiple systems and spreadsheets into a cohesive format. It is source-agnostic and capable of managing data from any source and in any format. This flexibility allows PSPs to handle the extensive data requirements of CESOP efficiently. The platform's robust control features, including a consolidated data library, audit log, and complete version control, enhance data management. Our platform supports bespoke and complex calculations, improving data quality and ensuring compliance. Embedded dashboards and reports powered by Power BI provide comprehensive data analysis.


2. Identifying Reportable Cross-Border Payments 

Pain Point: CESOP requires reporting if more than 25 cross-border payments are made to the same payee per quarter. Identifying and tracking these payments accurately is complex due to varying payer and payee locations based on proxies like IBAN and BIC. 

Our Solution: The ARKK Automation Platform employs intelligent workflows and logic to identify qualifying transactions and essential data points. It automates the tracking and categorisation of cross-border payments, ensuring all reportable transactions are captured accurately. This minimises the risk of non-compliance and simplifies the reporting process.


3. Differentiating Roles: Payer’s PSP vs. Payee’s PSP 

Pain Point: CESOP places the reporting obligation on the payee’s PSP (when that PSP is located in an EU member state), which complicates the responsibilities of the payer’s PSP in monitoring and reporting transactions.

Our Solution: With our Fully Managed Service, PSPs benefit from end-to-end support, including data identification, collection, and filing. Our service maps payment transactions and provides a clear blueprint of data points and reporting requirements, helping PSPs navigate their roles effectively and ensuring accurate and compliant reporting.


4. Navigating Business Requirements Across Multiple Jurisdictions 

Pain Point: PSPs must file CESOP reports with tax authorities in their home Member State and potentially in host Member States. This multi-jurisdictional requirement complicates compliance management. 

ARKK Solution: Our platform produces submission-ready XML filings for each of the 27 jurisdictions, ensuring compliance is straightforward. Additionally, our fully managed service handles the entire filing process each quarter, managing tax authority registrations and reporting channels. This reduces administrative burdens and enhances compliance across multiple jurisdictions, ensuring a seamless experience. 


ARKK to the Rescue: Our Solutions for PSPs 

Numerous PSPs have partnered with us to tackle CESOP challenges head-on. At ARKK, we offer two key solutions designed to streamline your CESOP process:

Solution 1: The ARKK Automation Platform 

  • Your Data Aggregator: Handles data in any format, from any source. 
  • Intelligent Workflows and Logic: Identifies qualifying transactions and essential data points. 
  • Submission-Ready XML: Produces accurate filings for each of the 27 jurisdictions, ensuring compliance is straightforward.


Solution 2: The ARKK Fully Managed Service 

  • More Than Tools, A Comprehensive Service: Experience the full breadth of our offerings, including assistance in data identification and collection and full end-to-end filing in every quarter in each jurisdiction. 



The first CESOP filing has highlighted the complexities PSPs face under this new regulatory framework. The ARKK Automation Platform and our fully managed service provide robust solutions to alleviate these pain points, offering comprehensive support for managing large volumes of data, identifying reportable payments, differentiating roles, and navigating multi-jurisdictional requirements. As CESOP continues to evolve, ARKK remains committed to supporting PSPs with cutting-edge technology and expert guidance, ensuring seamless compliance and operational efficiency. 

Get in touch today to experience firsthand how the ARKK Automation Platform can streamline your tax and finance processes and ensure compliance with ease. 

  1. P.S. Don’t just take our word for it- keep an eye out for our upcoming guest blog where a PSP who partnered with ARKK will detail how they navigated the first CESOP filing with ease.