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The origin and inspiration for ARKK's Automation platform

ARKK offers a range of solutions to help finance teams with their statutory and regulatory reporting, but with the introduction of Making Tax Digital (MTD) in April 2019, there was an opportunity to transform compliance.


Having over 10 years of experience within the finance and accounting sector, our CEO Richard Metcalfe and CTO Roi Lustik-Cohen set out to create a robust online platform that would meet the requirements of the MTD mandate while still allowing customers to retain their processes. The result was ARKK's Automation platform.


Watch the video below of Roi Lustik-Cohen, ARKK's Chief Technical Officer explaining what the platform is and the inspiration behind the platform.



When we set out to build the platform, ARKK knew that one of the crucial elements was for the solution to be flexible and adaptable to different clients needs and processes. We needed to develop a platform that would cater to different data sources, structures and workflows. We wanted customers to be able to have independence when working within the platform and high levels of control at their fingertips.


In the clip below, Roi explains what flexibility means in terms of the platform and why it's important.



Are you're looking for a robust, flexible and adaptable tax solution to meet your MTD requirements and more? Check out our Automation platform.