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ARKK's Clear Vision: Focusing on the Customer

Last year was our ‘ARKK-iversary’, a celebration of 10 years since ARKK was founded in 2009. Much has changed over the years and we have had many achievements during that time, but through the growth we’ve been determined to remain true to our values that put the customer at the heart of everything we do.

In furtherance of this we went through an exercise of self- reflection and decided we wanted to “do things differently” by really listening to our customers and truly understanding why they chose to work with us. We wanted to know what they wanted from solutions in the market, not only from a technology perspective but also from the ongoing partnership with their suppliers.

In order to get to the nub of this, ARKK implemented a series of engagement strategies designed to get our customers talking to us about their experiences and about their challenges. We got them networking with peers, voting on our technology roadmaps and assisting in the design and testing of our products. And with enormous success:

We’re proud to announce that this fresh, new approach to customer engagement has earned ARKK a position as a finalist in the 2020 annual Stevie Awards for “Best Use of Customer Feedback Strategy”.

Watch the video below from ARKK’s Chief Customer Officer, Danielle Cyrus, to learn more about how we keep customer success at the forefront of our vision at ARKK.

We’re thrilled to be finalists for this award and can’t wait to hear the final result! Keep checking our blog or social channels for more information.