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The Solvency II Directive – what you need to report

We’ve outlined EIOPA’s requirements for Solvency II reporting

To comply with the Solvency II directive, insurance companies must:

– Perform market-based valuations of their assets and liabilities on a security-by-security basis
– Calculate their Minimum Capital Requirement (MCR) and SCR
– Build a risk exposures profile by conducting their ORSA
– Refer to the required identification codes provided by EIOPA for mapping and reporting purposes
– Collate ‘look-through’ data on investment funds to identify the ultimate parent hierarchy assets (covered by the D4 template) and their resulting exposures
– Publish annual Solvency and Financial Condition Report (SFCR) and submit the Regular Supervision Report (RSR) to their regulators on a quarterly or annual basis

You can find a full break down on the ITS (Implementing Technical Standards) here on EIOPA’s website.

You should also review your reporting time table, as deadlines differ depending on a firm’s structure. We’ve put together the reporting deadlines for RSR, SFCR and the QRT’s here, so you can approach your next deadline with confidence.