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XBRL Europe Conference 2023: Block Tagging Approach

I was very fortunate to attend XBRL Europe’s Conference 2023 in Rome. Although the main focus of...

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With many, particularly December year-ends, having recently filed their iXBRL submissions to HRMC...

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In-house tagging technology vs. iXBRL tagging provider

When it comes to choosing a solution for ESEF, companies have two options. You will either acquire...

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The difference between ESEF ‘Warnings’ and ‘Errors’

After a successful first half to 2021, with over 100 files tagged and submissions successfully...

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ESEF, The next step forward in financial reporting

ESEF marks a significant milestone in bringing financial reporting into the digital age. The...

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iXBRL Accounts Update: The Latest Taxonomies

In line with the recent amendments to the Accounting Guidelines, the Financial Reporting Council...

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iXBRL Reporting: Your 2018 strategy

iXBRL filing advice for your next returns In 2017, we applied over 1,000,000 tags to our clients...

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