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October’s upcoming Form PF deadline will mark our first ever filing to the SEC. Working with several fund admins and one of the world’s largest investment banks, we’ve created a simple and robust Form PF solution to join our extensive Arkk catalogue.


It’s been just over five years since the Dodd-Frank legislation brought new checks and balances to US funds, Form PF being just one of the initiatives introduced. Our clients aren’t first-time-fillers – their concern is the time and effort required to submit to the SEC, as Form PF itself has been called ‘an exercise in gathering, regrouping and recalculating’ information.* Our clients knew what data and processes they needed to submit timely reports to the SEC – but they also knew that there had to be a simpler way of creating their XML outputs, which is where we stepped in. By working with the SEC, Arkk are taking one small step towards the United States – setting us up nicely for the giant leap of FATCA 2016.


The drive behind our Form PF solution is to give our customers a one-stop-shop for all their XML reporting. Just like the rest of our solutions, our latest addition slots straight into Excel – no new systems to install or complex software to navigate. Our AIFMD customers are used to filling out their ESMA templates on Excel and converting straight into XML for their submission. With the market lacking a Form PF solution that would do the same thing, they came to us looking for a direct and simple tool for all their XML outputs.


A user-friendly experience for our customers is always top priority, which is why they’ve been involved at every stage of this project. After countless bacon sarnies and a mountain of discarded whiteboard pens, we’ve put together a robust system that can take the SEC’s requirements and create compliant XML outputs. We’re always excited when a new development is launched, but the true success of our latest innovation is its simplicity. Our current customers will know exactly what to expect when they see the solution, and for those struggling with their current process for Form PF, there is now a way to create compliant XML files as simply as filling out an Excel spreadsheet.


SEC Registered Arkk customers can now manage their AIFMD and Form PF reporting obligations in one place, and we’re busy putting the finishing touches on our solution. Hit the button below to ask a question about hassle free XML reporting.



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