Following client collaboration, a drive from the London development team, and successful Beta testing with core customers, Arkk Solutions are preparing to launch their new regulatory reporting platform

The latest release from Arkk Solutions will be available to all regulatory reporting customers in 2017. The online Portal, which converts templates into the required file formats for regulatory reporting, has been redesigned and improved over the past 12 months to deliver a smoother filing process for clients. The new portal represents a collaboration between Arkk Solutions’ three offices and their customer-base, who have been involved throughout design and development phases.

Arkk Solutions’ regulatory reporting Portal supports hundreds of clients globally with their CRD IV, AIFMD, Form PF, and Solvency II filing obligations. Clients can download the required templates, populate with their data on Microsoft Excel, and solve any validation errors before uploading to the regulator. Arkk Solutions’ mission has always been to make regulatory reporting simple, and the range of new features will further support clients with their filing.


What’s new?



Efficient scheduled returns

“When redeveloping our solution we took a look at how the regulators required their information” comments Managing Director Richard Metcalfe. “Submission portals such as GABRIEL create schedules for returns, and we could instantly see the value in this for our clients.” Arkk Solutions customers can now create a schedule for all their reporting requirements which automatically creates a new return every filing period.


Control and governance

Over the past 10 years, regulatory reporting has become commonplace, but governance is still increasing. “We’re certainly seeing an increased focus around data traceability and integrity,” says Arkk Solutions CTO Roi Lustik-Cohen. With this in mind, the new regulatory reporting platform will offer version history tools and an audit trail to review the filing process from start to finish.


Tailor your approval process

“What we’ve found from eight years in the RegTech space is that every client is different. The data aggregation, reporting process, and even the individuals involved in submitting to the regulators vary from client to client” adds Director Andy Gent. “We’ve found the best solution is to give clients control over their process to shape reporting around their own internal requirements.” Clients can work collaboratively across multiple offices on the same document, confident that their files are kept securely in an ISO-27001 certified environment. Stakeholders can set user permissions to limit editing rights to files, and can define their own assurance process by rejecting or approving the .XBRL or .XML. files.

The new regulatory reporting platform will be released to all Arkk Solutions clients later this quarter.

If you are an existing Arkk Solutions customer you can familiarise yourself with the new tool via walkthroughs and videos on our Knowledge Base.

To arrange a demonstration of the new Portal, please contact our team of experts.

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