Arkk Solutions have opened their first office in New York, with Elizabeth Heil joining as Business Development Director

The Shoreditch-based start-up has grown from a team of three founders in 2009, to a dedicated team of 35 employees across the UK and Ireland. As Arkk continue to develop services for customers all over the world, they have now opened their first office in New York. This follows two years of growth in the US market with more clients seeking simple XML conversion tools for Form PF reporting.

Heading up the USA office is Business Development Director Elizabeth Heil, who like Chairman Barry Carroll, joins the team from Augentius. Elizabeth will use her wealth of experience in the Private Equity and Alternative Investment industries to provide expertise to Arkk Solutions customers both inside and outside North America.

The USA presence will support clients further with their Form PF reporting. Combined with three years of expertise around the Annex IV directive, Arkk Solutions provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for XML reporting.

“As the global stronghold for Hedge Funds, New York is an ideal location for our first American office” commented Richard Metcalfe, Arkk Solutions’ Managing Director. “We are excited to see Arkk Solutions growing, and are keen to work more closely with our American clients.”

The new office will be located at 276 Fifth Avenue, Suite 704, New York NY 10001. For more information, contact Elizabeth Heil.

Arkk Solutions open first office in New York, USA
About Arkk Solutions:
Arkk Solutions is a leading European iXBRL and XBRL specialist, providing software, outsourcing, training and consultancy to firms all across the EU. Established in 2009, Arkk were one of the first vendors to be recognised by HMRC for their iXBRL tax and accounts product, which has gone on to become the chosen solution for many leading companies in the UK. Our solutions are currently trusted by 30% of the FTSE 350, and we now have a range of options available to Irish firms reporting to Revenue Commissioners and UK companies filing with HMRC.

With a commitment to innovation and a passion for helping organisations be more efficient and transparent, we have also developed solutions for CRD IV (COREP & FINREP) and AIFMD reporting, which Arkk provide to filers all over the world.

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