Arkk Solutions have a history of being first movers when a new piece of regulation is mandated, applying our successful formula of easy implementation and low friction adoption to each new product. Our latest innovation, an integrated Form PF reporting solution, is slightly different.

Case Study - Form PF solutionBackground

We were approached by an existing customer with multiple funds to report under Form PF, who had been struggling with a cumbersome system from another vendor. They were seeking to switch to something more user-friendly and cost effective.

Key features needed to include the collaboration of multiple users, fast data validation, and simple XML conversion to facilitate easy upload to FINRA.


Our customer is a Funds Administrator and as such has the task of reporting data from a multitude of different funds. This in itself presented a great opportunity for Arkk Solutions’ product design team to sit with the client and understand all the different nuances of reporting that we could capture and utilise in the product design.

Working alongside the customer we designed a logical workflow that would be easily adopted across the team. Basing the product on an Excel template with embedded metadata meant that the team would not have to learn new working practices, but could work with a tool that they knew well and embraced day to day.

The resulting product was an Excel-based reporting format that could be installed locally or cloud hosted to further minimise the footprint.


Our client has used the product successfully for two-quarters of filing. Key successful outcomes include:

  • 50% reduction in technology spend


  • Users competent within half a day


  • Submission time cut by 22%


The final product is a streamlined solution with all the functionality you need. To find out more about our Form PF reporting solution you can speak to our experts.

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