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ARKK's recommendations based on our first experience with ESEF

Below are the recommendations of points worth considering based on lessons learnt from ARKK’s first...

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We've created a quick FAQ to get you up to speed with ESEF.

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ESMA updates ESEF Reporting Manual

The ESEF Reporting Manual is a document produced by the European Securities and Market Authority...

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The difference between ESEF ‘Warnings’ and ‘Errors’

After a successful first half to 2021, with over 100 files tagged and submissions successfully...

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Why are the Services team an integral part of ARKK?

We sat down with Claire Skelton, ARKK’s Services Delivery Manager, to discuss how the Services team...

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Webinar overview: IFR requirements and reporting

Do you know whether your firm has a Class 2 or 3 classification under the Investment Firm...

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How data helps manage the balkanisation of tax functions

Like many of us, I’ve been watching the Euros. The 24-team format does not sit well with me. I was...

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Why real-time reporting is the holy grail of finance

Just how difficult is it to achieve real-time reporting in the finance function of 2021? Our CFO, ...

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What is the next step forward in financial reporting when it comes to ESEF?

ESEF marks a significant milestone in bringing financial reporting into the digital age. The...

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