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The Collaborative Future of the Tax and IT Department

As HMRC continues along its voyage to digitise tax, many companies are beginning to see the...

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What’s Next? Beyond MTD for VAT

HM Revenue & Customs’ (HMRC) journey to digitalise their services has faced a number  of challenges...

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What Are The Main Obstacles Affecting Tax Transformation?

It’s an unfortunate fact that change in any organisation is regarded with suspicion in some...

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Bridging The Gap Between Tax & IT

For the best business results, it’s essential for the tax, IT and finance departments to develop...

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Video - Tax Leaders Roundtable

We recently sat down with five tax professionals from Indirect Tax Managers to Global Heads of Tax...

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Why 'Cost Savings' Won't Help You Get Buy-in From Stakeholders

Digital transformation is affecting just about every aspect of a business. It’s hard to go a day...

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Tax Transformation: Is Your Business Ready?

Throughout our tax transformation blog series, we’ve covered a whole host of topics relating to...

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The Need for Digitisation of Tax

Machine Learning Delivers Financial Confidence Last month Arkk held a roundtable with some of our...

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Engaging Stakeholders

Getting Stakeholder Buy-In To Transforming the Tax Function Last month Arkk held a roundtable with...

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